How to obtain a UGent account

How to obtain a UGent account

UGent staff

  • New UGent staff
    receive their account via the internal mail service at their faculty department address.
  • Affiliated researchers working at Ghent University receive their account information automatically.
  • Emeriti keep their account.
  • Unpaid volunteers can receive an account. The department chair, the head of office or the director need to send an e-mail to the Director of ICT (Mr Danny Schellemans) containing a motivation to obtain a UGent account.

UGent partners

  • UZ-Gent staff
    do not obtain their account automatically, they can receive an account at request at Account Management
  • Employees of the Ghent University Association vzw receive their account information automatically.

UGent students

  • New students receive their account data at enrollment.
  • Exchange students receive their account automatically by regular mail at their temporary address in Belgium. If you do not receive this in time or if you have not mentioned a valid temporary address in Belgium at enrollment, you can personally contact Account Management by phone.
  • If you enroll after October 1st, you will receive your account data via mail.
  • When you re-enroll (also after stopping your studies) your account remains in use. Forgot your password?
  • Students with an examination contract can have an account for the period of their registration by payment of 100 euros.


  • Registered, resident partners in the homes (in particular in Home Heymans) receive their account information after request to Account Management, condition is that you are registered as resident of Home Heymans in Oasis.
  • Holders of a visitors card receive their account information after request to Account Management (domestic or foreign visitors who are present in the context of a scientific exchange program during a certain period at the Ghent University, are entitled to an account provided they formally because of Dowa or DOZA granted visitor status gain).
  • External education providers can obtain an account as long as their involvement is included in a program designed by the University of Ghent in OASIS.
  • External members of the Board of Directors are entitled to one account, and on request can retain this account up to 5 years after leaving the board.
  • Remote users of the High Performance Computing Platform can be assigned an account with limited rights, and specifically only focused on providing a secure and controlled access to the computing infrastructure.