Eduroam for UGent staff and students

For Apple (iPhone, iPad and Mac) you download (via Safari!) the following config file.

  1. Change your password (once)

    If your account was granted before May 1, 2013, you should first change your password (using the form at sleutel-icoon).

  2. How do I connect?

    Select the 'eduroam' network and enter your login and your UGent password when asked
    (DO NOT FORGET "").

  3. Certificate message

    The first time you connect, the question whether you trust the certificate that is presented by the network appears. This is a normal security question. The certificate is AddTrust External CA Root. The "radius server" is

    Accept the certificate.

Once near an eduroam access point, select the access point from the possible connections. You should get an automatic information box which will give a login prompt when selected. After this your login details must be entered to achieve full network usage. Enter your login and your UGent password.

Technical information

The settings at UGent are the following:

  • Network Name/SSID: eduroam (lower case!) (is broadcast)
  • Security Type: WPA2 in combination with IEEE 802.1X (also known as WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Encryption Type: AES
  • Authentication method: PEAP
  • Authentication protocol: MSCHAP / Sub authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP V2

Detailed settings for each type of device and / or operating system.