Settings - use of the UGent LDAP server as address book in your e-mailclient

Use of the UGent LDAP server as address book in your e-mailclient

Note! The following does NOT apply for users of the Exchange environment (staff).


LDAP stands for "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol" and is a protocol which allows you to query a database over a network. Our LDAP server ( contains a lot of information, of which certain fields , such as name, email address and telephone number, are available to users with a UGent account. The LDAP can be used as address book in a mail client. Other LDAP information is not made public and can only be used by certain applications. For more info, go to the webpage concerning the Information on Authentication of users within your own applications.

To retrieve information from a LDAP server, you need an LDAP client. One way to query the UGent LDAP server is to use the Phonebook on the UGent website. Another use is as address book in your email client.


  • The new LDAP server can only be reached using the the LDAPS (LDAP over SSL) protocol. Version 3 of the LDAP protocol (LDAPv3) is used.
  • The LDAP server can only be reached within the UGent-domain. This means it can not be used as an address book if you are connected to the internet through another provider. Using a VPN connection, your pc becomes part of the UGent domain, which opens the possibility to use the LDAP for your address book.


LDAP as address book

For the use of the LDAP as address book, use the settings below.

How to configure your mail client? Links to examples for the most common mail clients, can be found at the top of this page.

Directory Server :
Base DN          : dc=UGent,dc=be
Security         : use SSL
Port Number      : 636

Mind that this can only be used from within the UGent domain, so either within the UGent buildings or after setting up a VPN connection (exception is webmail, where you can use the LDAP without setting up a VPN).