Quota exceeded

Quota exceeded

Your quota is the amount of disk space that you as a user get on a server. To see the available amount of disk space, monitoring quota on personal disk space and extra quota, see : How much disk space do I have at my disposal?

E-mail quota

Once you have exceeded the quota, you can only remove e-mail messages.

When your e-mail quota have been exceeded, receiving and sending e-mail messages is no longer possible until you have deleted enough e-mails. The e-mail quota do not only apply to your inbox but to all mail folders on the server (not local folders). Folders on the e-mail server are e.g. inbox, sent-mail, own folders on the server, trash (depending on the settings) etc.

Monitoring quota

In webmail (https://webmail.UGent.be/ sleutel-icoon) you can see your 'Quota status' at the top of the screen, below the menu bar.

Remove mail using webmail as follows:

  • Check whether 'Hide Deleted | Purge Deleted' is visible in the menu bar, so that you can see the non-purged messages.
  • 'Hide Deleted', indicates that all deleted but not actually purged messages are hidden and these are also included in the quota count. In that case, click 'Show deleted'.
  • To remove e-mail messages click the box next to the message. Next click 'Delete'. The e-mail messages are now striked out. They can still be retrieved.
  • 'Deleted' e-mail messages will only be deleted 'for real' after you click 'Purge Deleted'
  • Remove messages in time to ensure that your mailbox does not exceed the assigned quota!

Messages have to be removed separately for each folder. This means you have to click 'Purge deleted' in every folder to actually purge them.