owa.ugent.be (Outlook Web App)

owa.ugent.be (Outlook Web App)

"owa" stands for Outlook Web App, the webmail service of Microsoft Exchange. Outlook Web App allows you to access, send, receive and manage your e-mail through a web browser. You sign in using your UGent login name and password and you can immediately consult and manage your e-mail. Outlook Web App is especially handy for reading e-mail on the move.

'Exchange' environment (not for students)

  • owa.UGent.be can ONLY be used by users of the 'Exchange' environment (staff).
  • You may however still use a shared mailbox which you can consult using "webmail.UGent.be".

Unsure which mail environment to use? Go to mail.UGent.be

Using owa.ugent.be

Surf to owa.UGent.be sleutel-icoon and sign in using your UGent login name and password.

Do you read your "owa" mail on a "foreign" pc? After you are done, clear all browser data, close all browser windows and delete saved attachments.