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Voordracht door Richard Stallman

Speech by Richard Stallman

On monday April 2d at 14h30, Richard Stallman will present a speech about "Free Software, Freedom, Globalization and Development", in the Multimedia Room of the ICT Department (Sterre S9).

Richard Stallman is the charismatic and controversial founder and president of the Free Software Foundation. He launched in 1984 the development of a free software operating system, called GNU. In 1992, the kernel Linux filled the last gap in GNU, producing the free GNU/Linux operating system which for the first time provided a way to use a PC without ceding your freedom to proprietary software.

The lecture is organised by the ICT Department of the Ghent University, with the support of the University Development Cooperation Office of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UOS). After the speech, around 17h, a drink is offered to the audience. Participants are requested to register online.

Abstract of the speech: "Richard Stallman will speak about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software Movement. Because free software respects users' freedom, free software technology can be maintained, adapted, and extended by people anywhere. Whereas use of proprietary software imposes dependency, use of free software is development. As many free programs are used in 100 countries, and have developers on six continents, free software exemplifies the globalization of cooperation in use of human knowledge, which is as beneficent as the globalization of business power is harmful. (R. Stallman)"

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