Available disk space - staff

Central disk space: what and how much - for staff

By default you get 2 network drives:

  1. personal disk space: your "homedrive", H:-drive or G:\home
  2. personal web space; on a webserver, meant for setting up a site: your W:-drive or G:\WWW

How much disk space do I have at my disposal?

Your quota is the amount of disk usage that you may not exceed at any time. The table below shows quota for staff. (Quota for students.)

Disk space Web space E-mail Interactive use
UGent staff (personal) 5 GB 1 GB 30 GB
UGent staff (shared) Shared disk space
5 GB
Shared web space
1 GB
Shared mailbox
5 GB
with Helios account
5 GB

Monitoring quota

After mounting your network drive, you can put files on your H:-drive and remove files from it.
To check your quota select all folders and/or files. Then right click and select "Properties". A calculation will be made.

Athena uses the H:-drive to store data from a number of applications.
On Athena, by going to Standard - Home Drive, you can check what folders are part of your account and how much disk space every folder takes up. If necessary, you can remove folders and/or files.