Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings and use

Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings and use

You can avoid using VPN by using Athena, which is easier.

A number of UGent ICT facilities can only be used from computers connected to UGentNet.
You can also get access to UGentNet from outside the UGent (via your ISP).
This requires a VPN connection. To establish a VPN connection, you need to install a VPN client program.

When you establish a VPN connection via another ISP (Telenet, Belgacom, etc.) you get access to UGent internal information, as:

  • certain library applications e.g. Web of Science
  • the web form to change your password
  • network drives

From another ISP, you do not need VPN for:

Connecting from University Halls of Residence

Please read this first.

VPN clients: configuration and use

Bandwidth Limitations when using VPN

When using VPN bandwidth limitations apply.