VPN Cisco Client

Set-up and usage of a Virtual Private Network using the Cisco VPN Client

  1. Make sure that you know your VPN password.

  2. Installation and configuration of the Cisco VPN client on Windows

    • Please download the latest version of the VPN client software. After agreeing with the Statement concerning the use of Cisco VPN client, and preferably after closing all running programmes, click on the link which applies to your system. When asked to run this file, click on 'run'. Click on 'run' a second time at the next question.
    • In the following window choose 'Next'.
    • Accept, the licence agreement by checking the option 'I accept the licence agreement', and then choose 'Next'.
    • Choose 'Next' if you accept the standard location for installation of your files.
    • Choose 'Next' to proceed with the installation.
    • Click 'Finish' to complete the installation procedure.
    • Click 'Yes' to reboot your PC.
    • After rebooting, you can open the Cisco VPN Client via 'Start - Programs - Cisco Systems VPN Client - VPN Client'
    • Now download the 'UGent VPN client config file'. Choose 'Save'.
    • Save preferably on the Desktop.
    • In the Download Complete window, select 'Close'.
    • Start the VPN Client (via 'Start - Programs - Cisco Systems VPN Client - VPN Client') and select 'Import' (icon).
    • In the dialogue box which appears, select the Desktop and then the file 'UGent.pcf'
    • Click 'OK' to complete the import.

  3. Installation of the Cisco VPN client on Mac

    See VPN MacOSX.

  4. Use of a VPN-connection

    When a VPN is needed, you can start it via 'Start - Programs - Cisco Systems VPN Client - VPN Client'. Enter you login name and your VPN-password.

    Be aware of the volume restrictions which apply when using VPN

  5. Possible problems

    • Most frequently occurring problems are explained onFAQ Cisco VPN client.
    • If you have a firewall installed, then it is possible that the firewall has not been configured well. In that case, you will get an error message even before the verification of your log-in and password. Turn off the firewall and firts try to set up the VPN connection withou the firewall. After that you can adjust the firewall settings.
    • Wanneer de Cisco VPN client zoals beschreven op deze pagina niet werkt, kunt u de ASA VPN client installeren. Zie UGent Cisco ASA VPN
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