Bandwidth limitations when using VPN

Bandwidth limitations when using VPN

VPN limitations

The use of VPN is limited by:

  • a maximum allowed volume per 30 days, both for incoming traffic (download, e.g. surfing) and outbound (upload, e.g. file-sharing)
  • a maximum allowed volume per session.

The volume (both download and upload) is tracked on a per-user basis.

If you exceed the allowed volume, measures are taken. The measures take effect automatically.

  • When exceeding the allowed volume per 30 days the bandwidth speed is reduced.
  • When exceeding the allowed volume per session the VPN session is terminated.

Reducing the bandwidth speed

(only for VPN sessions from the University Halls of Residence)

If the volume that you used over the past 30 days, exceeds the allowed volume, the bandwidth speed will be reduced. The reduction applies to both inbound and outbound traffic.

The bandwidth speed is restored to normal if the volume that you used over the past 30 days dropped to (or below) the allowed volume. This is checked daily (overnight).

Granted volume / last 30 days
download 50 GB*
upload 10 GB

* Students who use VPN in the University Halls of Residence but do NOT live there, have a 5 GB download limit.

VPN meter

Using the VPN meter sleutel-icoon, you can check the volume you used over the last 30 days, which allows you to ration your upload and download when needed. Attention: use your UGent password for the VPN meter. The VPN-meter shows the state as registered during the past night. Any currently running session started up before that time is not taken into account.
The VPN-meter is only accessible within If you want to consult this info from outside, you need to set up a VPN connection.

How to avoid the above measures?

To prevent your speed from dropping, you should regularly check the volume you have used.

  • Do not use file-sharing programs like Kazaa, Gnutella, ... for down-or upload of copyrighted data. It is not allowed!
  • Do not install programs of which the function is not clear to you.
  • Protect your PC against viruses and hackers, they may increase your upload volume very quickly.


Measurements and contacts with a number of users taught us that those who exceed the allowed volume are often in violation of the Rules of proper use.