CAS (Centrale Authentication Service): introduction

CAS (Centrale Authentication Service): introduction

What is CAS? What is Central Authentication?

CAS is the Central Authentication Service for UGent. CAS allows you to log on to secured UGent pages using your UGent account or external account.

CAS provides Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities: you only have to log on once to gain access to several UGent web applications.

How long do I stay logged on?

A session lasts up to 8 hours. If you register to use a new service afterwards, you have to log on using CAS again.

How do I log out completely?

To fully log out you have to:

If you experience difficulties on Macintosh, the above might offer a solution.

Questions or problems?

If you have questions or problems logging on, you can take these steps:

  • Fully log out (as described in the above section).
  • Try to log on again.

You have an external account? Please read the questions about an external account.

If you still experience any trouble, please contact the helpdesk

Error messages

Please contact the helpdesk if you get one of the error messages below.

  • When your login name and password are entered too often repeatedly in a short time. The system concludes that someone is trying to gain access illegally.
    Too many logins in too short a span of time for <user login>
  • When an application sends you (back) to the CAS login page too often.
    Too many login requests in too short a span of time coming from <application url>