Helios: interactive login

Helios: interactive login

EOL - End Of Life

After more than 10 years, the helios server will be removed at the end of this academic year (2021-2022).

The HPC infrastructure can provide a full-fledged alternative to helios. The new web portal on https://login.hpc.ugent.be offers a very user-friendly entry point for researchers and students. This is described in chapter 8 of the manual at https://www.ugent.be/hpc/en/support/documentation.htm With the advent of new debug/visualization cluster 'slaking' we can also offer interactive desktops, without the drawbacks of a queue.

Alternatively, you can also use the VSC Tier-1 Cloud setup. This is a private cloud setup, similar to Amazon/Google, but on VSC infrastructure. This offers you more tailor-made possibilities, but requires that you (or someone else in your group) maintain these virtual machines, do user management etc. More information at https://www.vscentrum.be/cloud


Helios is the interactive unix / linux server, replacing allserv and genix/eduserv.

For whom?

Helios is meant for students and for staff.


  1. You must sign up for an a helios account (once). This does not happen automatically.
    Create your helios account using following online form. (Note: only within UGentNet!)
  2. Helios is only accessible within UGentNet. For access from outside UGentNet setting up a VPN connection is necessary.
  3. Helios can be accessed via Secure Shell. See: Interactive log in


Helios is a virtual machine with 16G ram and 12 Intel Xeon 2.9Ghz CPUs.


The OS on helios is Ubuntu. A selection of software from the (extensive!) ubuntu repositories is installed on the system. The list of software packages on helios can be obtained using the dpkg command:

  dpkg -l

Disk space

Maintenance and disaster recovery