SSH (secure shell) is a program that you can use to log in to another computer over the network in a safe way. The difference with rlogin or telnet is that SSH provides safe authentication and communication over unsafe channels. The safe authentication makes sure that attacks, such as picking up plain-text passwords, ip-spoofing, manipulation of data, etc. are impossible.

For use on one of the DICT servers (e.g. eduserv, allserv or moonrock) you can operate both via the password as well as via an RSA keyset. The use of SSH is easiest via the password.

You can use SSH to log in to one of the UGent servers from your own computer (at home, in a faculty department, in a home, etc.). From the server such as eduserv you can also use SSH to log in to still another server.

SSH can also be used for secured data transfer, e.g. by using the program WinSCP (secure copy program for Windows).