Use calendars

Share calendars and check availability (for employees)

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Setting the permission level

When you share your calendar, the other person can read your calendar. For example, if you want others to add appointments, you must adjust the access level.

Setting what you share

Mark everything from the past Private

If you have kept an agenda on Exchange for years but did not share it in the past, you can mark everything from the past Private.


Send an invitation to a person you want to share a calendar with.

You send an invitation to the person with whom you want to share the calendar.

How do I add someone else's calendar OR a "resource" calendar to my calendar view?

A "resource" agenda is an agenda for a resource, such as a service bike, a car, a beamer, a scientific device, a doctor's office or small meeting room, etc. that can be reserved.

You received an invitation from another user who wants to share a calendar with you.

If you have received an invitation to share someone else's calendar, you can select the link in the invitation to add their calendar to your calendar view.

The calendar is added to the Navigation Pane, under Shared Calendars.

Find another user's shared calendar or a "resource" calendar yourself

You can also go to your own Calendar to add other people's calendars to your view.

The calendar is added to the Navigation Pane, under Shared Calendars.

After you have added another calendar, you can select the calendar to add or remove it from your calendar view. You can also use the context menu to rename the calendar, change the color of the calendar, or remove the calendar from your view.

View the availability of another Exchange user via

Then you can check the availability of the person (or the local) day by day. Note: this only works for people and rooms in the 'Exchange' environment.

View another Exchange user's calendar in the browser

Use a url like below. You can use uppercase and lowercase letters.
Please note: this only works for people in the 'Exchange' environment.

Link other calendars