DICT newsitems

Incidents and planned changes

02-10-2020 GISMO will be temporaly unavailable on Tuesday 6 October due to a new release.
29-09-2020 The SAP MijnApps SVO tiles are currently unavailable due to maintenance.
14-08-2020 SharePoint will be unavailable from Friday 14th of August at 22h untill Saturday 15th of August at 22h due to patching.
07-08-2020 The e-mail with the subject 'Je hebt 1 nieuw belangrijk bericht' is phishing.
01-08-2020 Over the past few days, some hacking attempts have been detected. Therefore, as a precaution, the program File Explorer ...
24-06-2020 On Tuesday 30 June a new version of GISMO will be released. Consequently the application will be temporarily unavai...
20-05-2020 A new version of GISMO will be released on Tuesday 26 May. Therefore the application will be temporalily unavailable bet...
23-04-2020 There are issues with Studenten Internet. This is the internet used in the Halls of Residence.
26-03-2020 Since 16h we are experiencing issues with some home drives. Because of this some Athena apps will not open.
25-03-2020 We are receiving many questions about an e-mail from Sandra F.
10-03-2020 Issues with the latest version OpenScape Mobile Pro App for UC on Android.


10-01-2020 Interested in a session 'Kennismaken met ICT aan UGent' or a SharePoint training? Then register for...
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