Public Computers

Public computers

In all faculties and on a few central locations several PC rooms were established. Mostly, they're suitable both for classical tuition as for free practice. The faculty itself is responsible for the management (opening hours, neatness, small repairs etc.) of a room. The DICT Department - PC Management is responsible for the system management.

From October till the end of May, on one central location, students will be able to have access to a well equipped PC room in the evening as well. For this purpose the opening hours of the library of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration were extended to 10:00 PM (on Fridays till 5 PM - and not on holidays and in the Easter holidays).

In this library 56 new computers are available with printing facilities. In the evening the room will be accessible via Tweekerkenstraat 2 - lift to the third floor.

An overview of all public computers you will find on the following SharePoint page.

DICT Multimedia room

This space is reserved for training of staff members. Reservations via: