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Via SAP MijnApps > Finance > tile Purchasing by Supplier > search for Dell. You get to choose from the options below:

Dell - PCs, laptops, servers and accessories. Compulsory framework contract.
You shop within the framework contract of Ghent University, all devices have the 3-year standard warranty.

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Ordering PCs and laptops within the framework contract offers many advantages.

Optiplex and Latitude are Dell's professional product lines, meaning the hardware models are more stable and performant. The price includes 3 years of 'Next Business Day support' and you can contact Dell Technical Support for any issues with these devices.

New devices with Windows Pro and Autopilot are automatically enrolled in Microsoft Intune and are thus "UGent-ready" upon delivery.

Devices from the Dell consumer series such as Inspiron and Vostro are intended for home use and are therefore not included in the framework contract. The warranty on these devices is only 1 year and DICT does not support the installation of these devices. We therefore strongly advise against buying devices from these series.

Dell Smart Selection

Need a new laptop fast? Order one from the Dell Smart Selection.

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Dell Support

Dell Technical Support

02/481.9288 (weekdays 8u30 till 17u)

You will need the following information:

Query information by means of the Servicetag of a machine:


Theft has to be reported to the police.
They will need the serial number (Service Tag, eg. BZUC6Q2) of the device.
If you don't have it, you can contact the DICT Shop.

Theft also needs to be notified to Dell technical support. They will flag the device as stolen.
This can be done by telephone on 02/481.9288 (weekdays 8u30 till 17u).
In the automated voice menu you can choose 'Get technical support'.

Private purchases

Private purchases by staff members and students are not covered by this framework agreement.