Copiers and Printers: Ricoh

List of all framework contracts

On this page we gather all information about the framework contract that UGent concluded with Ricoh for the rental and maintenance of multifunctionals and printers. Here you will find information about the use of the printers and about ordering devices and consumables.

About this framework contract

How to print?

Manuals / procedures

Follow me principe


Printing from SAP

Printing via Eduroam

Printing via Eduroam (Wi-Fi) is possible, but depends of the Eduroam provider.

  1. Eduroam installed at UGent with UGent credentials + client connected to Eduroam inside UGent => printing possible.
  2. Eduroam installed at UGent + client connected to Eduroam outside UGent (bv Eduroam HoGent) => printing not possible.
  3. Eduroam not installed at UGent (fi credentials of another University) => printing not possible.

If printing is not possible, you may connect via vpn. Printing via (UGent)vpn is always possible.

How to log in?

Visitor cards

For visitors, you can request one generic scan and copy card per department. You must provide a valid UGent e-mail address in order to use this card for "scan to email".

Employees must always use their personal UGent card (employee card).

Request a visitor card by contacting the helpdesk.

Only one card is issued per department/printer. The card is intended to remain on the premises.
In the event of theft or loss, please contact the helpdesk as soon as possible. The card will then be blocked.

How to scan?

All Ricoh devices come with a badge reader, there are 2 standard ways to scan and send:


There are 7 different types available.

All multifunctionals (types 2 to 6) are equipped as standard with a badge reader and corresponding follow-up me system.

Please take the following specifications into account when selecting your device:

ApplianceMaximum prints per yearA4/A3TypeSpeedPrevious Model
Type 1 - P 311 Max.  60 000/yearA4black/white printerType 1 - SP 3710dn
Type 1b - P C600Max.  75 000/jaarA4Colour printerType 1b - SP C352dn
Type 2 - IM C300 Max.  50 000/yearA4colours mfc30 pg/minType 2 - MP C307sp beveiligd
Type 3 - IM C2000Max. 100 000/yearA3colours mfc20 pg/minMP C2004exsp beveiligd
Type 4 - IM C3000Max. 200 000/yearA3colours mfc30 pg/minMP C3004exsp beveiligd
Type 5 - IM C4500Max. 500 000/yearA3colours mfc45 pg/minMP C4504exsp beveiligd
Type 6 - IM C5500Max. 500 000/yearA3colours mfc55 pg/minMP C5504exsp beveiligd


Service Level

TypeTechnician on siteDevice fully operational
SLA Highwithin 4 working hoursNext working day
SLA Middlewithin 24 working hoursEnd of 2nd working day after reporting incident
SLA Lowwithin 48 working hoursEnd of 3rd working day after notification of incident


All prices were listed in an Excel document beveiligd (prices per month, exclusive VAT).

All options and possible combinations can be found in a separate, secured document beveiligd (prices per month, exclusive VAT).
Please note the combinations, not all options can be combined with each other.

Extra options may be purchased afterwards (SharePoint site). Important: The price of extra options will be different from the original price + extra charges will be applicable.

How to order?

New devices

From now on, all new devices can be requested using a separate SharePoint site.

All possible applications (e.g. relocation) must be submitted through this separate site.

Discontinuing an old unit

Don't forget to dispose of your old device in such a way that the collection can be arranged and your rental contract can be closed. This does not happen automatically when ordering a new device.

You should do this after your new device is operational.

Is your existing copier not in the list? Please send an email to the helpdesk mentioning the brand, serial number and UGent hostname.

Please note: this only applies to a device from a previous framework contract for which the rental period has expired. Devices that are still under contract can only be stopped by paying a penalty clause.


Re-ordering of staples must be done directly via the Ricoh Portal (Manual beveiligd).

Staples are always invoiced directly.

Overview Consumables


Overview Consumables

Waste Bottle

Take-back of toners and waste toners

Please pack the material properly and dust-free in the plastic bag of the new one.

Empty toners and waste toners may be shipped with the internal mail service to the address below (you can use the box of the new toner or waste toner for this purpose).

Containerpark De Sterre
Krijgslaan 281
9000 Gent

How to report a defect?

Overview of types of problems and where to report. Tip: This sheet can be hung out near the unit.

Hardware failures can be reported directly to Ricoh through the:


Consumption report

Important: If the contacts change, notify this in the Sharepoint site. The addressees of the report will then be adjusted as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

You can change the contacts of a Ricoh printer on the sharepoint page.
Please note, only contacts from the device can assign other contacts to the device.
Created: 14 February 2023
Last updated: 14 February 2023 09:53:31
You can order additional options for your Ricoh printer via the sharepoint page.
Please note, only contact persons of the device can order additional options.
Created: 14 February 2023
Last updated: 14 February 2023 09:53:37
You can request a transfer of your Ricoh printer via the sharepoint page.
Please note, only contact persons of the device can request a transfer.
Created: 14 February 2023
Last updated: 14 February 2023 09:53:44
We have several manuals to add the Ricoh printer to your device on our helpdesk page.
Created: 14 February 2023
Last updated: 14 February 2023 09:53:51
Voor al uw financiƫle vragen over uw Ricoh toestel verwijzen we u graag door naar
Created: 14 February 2023
Last updated: 14 February 2023 10:02:45


Technical questions (also about toners) or administrative questions (new orders and invoices)? Contact the helpdesk.

Charged on the wrong budget place or if you want to have the budget place changed, please e-mail