Unified Communications (UC) at Ghent University

With Unified Communication (UC), you can always be reached on the same number and incoming and outgoing calls can be handled very flexibly.

Incoming calls

With UC, you can be reached as you wish. Have your calls land on a fixed number within UGent, on your personal mobile, on a telephone in a conference room, on your home phone or on any other device, without your correspondent noticing.

Outgoing calls

In the same way, you can also organise your outgoing calls flexibly: from any device, you can call with your fixed number within UGent as the calling number. A call via UC from your mobile phone or from a hotel abroad will then look like an ordinary call from a UGent number to your correspondent.

Answering service (voicemail)

The voicemail function allows correspondents to leave a message that is then forwarded via e-mail. You can find an overview of all calls in the Journal.

Transfer your number to UC

This can be requested by anyone individually via the request form.

Attention, your current telephone set must then be handed in. After all, the idea is that after the conversion you always use your mobile phone as a telephone set, even at your workplace in the UGent buildings.

Using UC

You can easily use UC on this website, use your UGent username and password to log in.

App for iPhone and Android

  • Search "OpenScape Mobile Pro" in the App Store or Play Store
  • To set up the app, you will need the following details (enter them under "Account"):
    • Subscriber: username@ugent.be
    • Server Address: https://ucfacade.ugent.be:8443/axis/services
    • Cellular Number: your mobile phone number (in format +324xxxxxx)