Connecting to UGentNet from University Halls of Residence Astrid, Bertha, Boudewijn, Fabiola and Vermeylen

No VPN is needed in home Heymans and the homes Canterbury, Göttingen, Groningen and Uppsala! The use of the wired connection is very easy by entering the UGent login and password via the portal For problems with the use of these services, the user support of StudentInternet can be contacted via the page There is also wireless internet via Eduroam.

How to proceed (Astrid, Bertha, Boudewijn, Fabiola and Vermeylen)?

  1. Connect your computer to the network connection socket in your room, using a UTP cable (not a phone cable!)
    If you don't have a UTP cable, you should buy one.

  2. Configure your computer to obtain IP settings (IP address and DNS server address) automatically.
    In most cases this is the default setting.
    You must be able to surf to

    You do not have to set up a VPN connection to surf to the following webpages or applications:

  3. For all other sites and web applications you need to set up a VPN connection (excluding home Heymans). When using VPN there are bandwidth limitations!
  4. Installing your own router or WiFi is not allowed!