Measures against illegal use of the network

Measures against illegal use of the network

Illegal use of the network is not permitted and is prevented by our systems as much as possible, without hampering regular educational and research activities. Prevention is necessary; on the one hand because we are confronted with numerous legal complaints, on the other hand because in the past, network congestion occurred, caused by illegal (download) traffic.

In order to prevent illegal downloads Torrent websites are blocked.
Rapidshare is blocked too.
The Department for Information and Communication Technology (DICT) does not communicate the list of blocked websites.

These measures apply to both VPN connections within the student homes as for the full UGentNet.

These measures are beneficial to the default VPN user.

In addition, PCs connected via VPN,from home or from the student homes, are shielded against potential attacks from other computers.

Info for the more advanced VPN user: