Incidents and planned changes

03-10-2022 There is a problem with access to collaboration spaces, more specifically with the authentication between SharePoint and Ufora. 
Update: solved.
03-10-2022 is currently unavailable. 
Update: solved.
The server webhost (also known as webhost2) will be turned off on October 3rd. Until now you could use that server(name) to put files on webshares and personal websites. Instructions on how to do this from 3 October can be found at There is no impact on the websites themselves.
26-09-2022 On Friday evening, September 30, access to the Van Dale dictionaries will be adjusted. Van Dale will then be accessible via without VPN or Athena. Logging in with the UGent account is required, also within UGentNet.
22-09-2022 Due to technical work, SAP PRD, Apollo and SAP MijnApps will not be available on Saturday 24 September between 9 am and 12 pm.
21-09-2022 On the Connective signature portal appears e.a. the error message 'you are not authorized to view this page' or it takes a long time for an answer to come from the platform. This has been reported to the supplier with high priority.
Update: solved.
21-09-2022 To prevent the annual renewal of the Eduroam certificate from falling again during the exam period in the coming years, we will once again replace the certificate on 21.09. Only the date and serial number change. Normally this will not cause any problems but a certificate prompt may appear, eg who had not accepted the current certificate completely correctly.