Incidents and planned changes

A VRTNWS news report on leaked passwords today also mentioned leaked data from UGent. DICT has no indications that UGent passwords have been captured recently and points out that -in addition to other security measures- all UGent accounts are additionally secured with MFA. There is therefore no cause for concern. Also, DICT points out that it won't communicate further about the UGent security policy.
22-05-2023 The new SAP platform is launched!  This means that 1) when you log in to SAP MijnApps and SAP GUI you will notice a small change in terms of layout 2) the Apollo functionalities have been moved to SAP MijnApps. This way, there is still only one access point for all info previously found in Apollo 3) there is a change in the process from order to receipt for UGent'ers who regularly make purchases. Does the new way of working require some adjustment? Then be sure to check out the training materials and FAQs on the SAP Vernieuwt information site.
17-05-2023 From today, 4.30 p.m. May 22, 8 AM it is not possible to log in to SAP GUI, SAP MijnApps and Apollo and/or to enter expenses on Concur. Apollo will also not come online after the transition. All Apollo applications are then in SAP MijnApps. More info on the SAP Renews information site.
15-05-2023 As of today, 5 pm, in SAP no:
- new shopping carts are created (so no orders)
- suppliers and customers are created or modified
- new business trips are ordered at the travel agency
- no job students are requested
All this can be done back from May 22, 8 h. All open shopping carts must be completed before 5 p.m. so that they can be converted into a final order form.
More info on the SAP Renews information site.