Incidents and planned changes

In the context of the AVG (GDPR) and to prevent phishing, the online phonebook has been transformed into an internal application (login required) for employees.
24-08-2021 The e-mail with an empty subject and the request to verify your account in response to phishing mails is of course a phishing message!
The login method for Exchange via MS Azure AD has changed.
This can sometimes cause the error message that the account was not found with the personal mailboxes. Solution: choose 'Sign in with a different account' and then enter your email address.
For the shared mailboxes, the change is more drastic: instead of logging in with the address of the shared mailbox, as suggested in the MS login screen, you have to choose again to log in with a different account, and then (again) the  MFA procedure based on your own UGent e-mail address instead of the address of the shared mailbox!
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