Incidents and planned changes

24-05-2022 There is a problem mounting network drives (other than the H drive). 'Network Error - Cannot access ..'. The shares are still accessible via Athena. We are investigating the problem.
Update: solved.
16-05-2022 Thursday 19.05 the current certificate on Eduroam will be replaced by a new one. From then on, whoever uses Eduroam will again be asked to trust the certificate. Accept the certificate (once). The new certificate authority is Sectigo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA. FQDN becomes
Update: it may be necessary to delete (or "forget") the Eduroam profile and add it again if the question does not appear to trust the new certificate. More info on the Eduroam page.
11-05-2022 From about 4.15 pm there was a problem viewing lesson recordings. Error message: 'No such HLS stream: the video is not available'.
09-05-2022 Saturday 14 May we will upgrade a large number of switches. From 5 am to the late afternoon, network interruptions of about 15 minutes can take place locally spread over the UGentNet. This has no impact on the data centers or the operation of important applications.
03-05-2022 Due to an issue with one of the Athena servers, opening an application in Athena could crash this morning. The problem is solved.
03-05-2022 We are receiving reports that watching live streaming classes is throwing an error. The problem is being investigated.
Update 9:20: solved.