Incidents and planned changes

07-12-2023 Due to a firmware upgrade of a series of network switches in the UGent data centres, certain apps on Athena and some licence servers may be unavailable for a few moments on Saturday 9 December between 9am and 12pm.
07-12-2023 Research Explorer and GISMO will be temporarily unavailable between 6pm and 7pm on Monday 11 December.
01-12-2023 On Friday 1 December, there may be some brief interruptions to certain applications on Athena between 7pm and 8pm due to urgent technical work.
01-12-2023 There is currently a network problem in the CAPTURE building in Zwijnaarde, Eduroam does still work.
Update: fixed.
23-11-2023 There is currently an outage at Belnet, which is also causing problems with the DNS on UGentNet.
Update: issues at Belnet have been resolved.
09-11-2023 From 6 November 2023, the disk quota on webshares will become active again.
23-10-2023 From Monday evening 23/10 Athena's login screen changes slightly.
25-09-2023 Unified Communication (UC) got an upgrade with a revamped web client. The sign-on procedure changes slightly.
Update: in case of problems, check that you are definitely surfing to and clear your browser's cache if necessary.
22-08-2023 On Wednesday 23 August, the Eduroam certificate will be renewed. You will be asked again to confirm that you trust the certificate. The certificate authority (CA) is Sectigo RSA Organisation Validation Secure Server CA, the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)