UGent password

UGent password

Password, policy and annual notification

Your UGent password allows you to access your e-mail, Minerva, Athena, computers in the UGent PC-rooms (managed by DICT), central disk space and UGent web applications. You also use it to set up a VPN connection to UGent.

The Executive Board took the following decisions (Verslag pdf-icoon) concerning the UGent account password policy:

  • an annual password change is MANDATORY
  • when setting a new password, the strenght of the newly chosen password is checked; only a sufficiently strong password will be accepted
  • you can perform just one password change per day
  • when setting a new password there may be no reuse of the previous 5 passwords

Near the date of the yearly password expiration, the following notification appears:

Your password will expire on [date]. Please take a minute to choose a new password. 
UGent may expire passwords as a security measure to protect accounts.

Change UGent password (online)

If you know your password and you want to change it, visit the password site:
Password changes are effective immediately.

Change UGent password via e-mail

We can send you a password reset e-mail.

  1. Go to and click "Reset password via e-mail".
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. An e-mail is sent to the private e-mail address which you have PREVIOUSLY entered in Apollo or Oasis.
  3. Click on the link in the e-mail you received and follow the instructions to choose a new password.

Tip: If you do not see the e-mail immediately, search for e-mails with "" in the sender.

Please note: You can only use this service if you have PREVIOUSLY registered your private e-mail address with UGent.

How to register/change your private e-mail address?

  • Staff: in Apollo (Personeel > Mijn Gegevens > Persoonlijke gegevens > Communicatie > Extern e-mailadres) - Tip: Use the "Help" link in the Apollo application.
  • Students: in Oasis (Mijn Oasis > persoonlijke gegevens > contactgegevens > e-mail) - Tip: Use the manual in the Oasis application, via the question mark icon.

Password changed? Read this!

With your new password, you can no longer sign in from devices (and use applications) which have stored ("remembered") your old password.

Remove saved passwords:

Enter your new password :

Guidelines for choosing a password