Log in and out with your UGent account

On this page, we briefly explain how to log in and out of web applications, with your UGent account or an external account.

Log in with an UGent account

  1. Open a UGent web application.
  2. Enter your UGent e-mail address and password Click "Sign in". Forgotten your password? Reset it yourself. Azure password
  3. Confirm the sign in request with your 2nd factor. See Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  4. You will have access to the UGent application.
  5. The next time you log in, you will immediately select your UGent e-mail address, enter your password and click "Sign in".

If you work with several people on the same device, you can also choose to log in with a different account. Click on "Sign in with another account" and follow the same steps as above.
Azure change account

Log in with an external account

External parties can also gain access to certain UGent web applications. No UGent account is created for them, but access is granted on the basis of a so-called guest account (formerly known as a "welcome" account).

  1. Open a UGent web application.
  2. Depending on the e-mail address of your guest account, the login process differs:

    • If you have a Microsoft school or work account, or a Microsoft personal account (for example, Hotmail, Live or Outlook), log in with that account via Microsoft.
    • If you have a Google (Gmail) account, log in via Google.
    • In all other cases you will receive an e-mail with a one-time, temporary numerical code . CAS login OTP
      • Click on " Send Code " and open your mailbox. CAS login OTP code
      • Copy the numerical code and enter it on the new UGent login screen. Click on "Sign in". CAS login OTP verification
  3. You will have access to the UGent application. From now on you will use the same login procedure with the same e-mail address.

Log out

You can log out of all UGent web applications by:

  1. First surf to login.ugent.be/logout
  2. Then close your browser completely.

Frequently asked questions

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