webmail.ugent.be for students

Unsure which mail environment to use? Go to mail.UGent.be

Caution! webmail.UGent.be can only be used by users of the 'Cyrus' mail environment (See: E-mail address and e-mail environment) and users of a shared mailbox

Webmail allows you to access, send, receive and manage your e-mail through a web browser. You log in with your UGent login name and password and you can immediately consult and manage your e-mail. Webmail is especially handy for reading e-mail on the move.

If you do not belong to the 'Cyrus' mail environment and do not use a shared mailbox, the following message appears when you log on to webmail.ugent.be:
"Login failed. Unfortunately you cannot use this service, you have an exchange mailbox. Use https://owa.ugent.be."
Users of the 'Exchange' environment use Outlook Web Access ("owa.ugent.be"), the webmail service of Microsoft Exchange.

Using UGent webmail

Surf to webmail.UGent.be sleutel-icoon and sign in using your UGent login name and central password.

Caution! Troubles with webmail.ugent.be on Internet Explorer 9

Do you read your webmail on a "foreign" pc? After you are done, clear all browser data, close all browser windows and delete saved attachments.

Enable forwarding

Enable a vacation message

Traditional (previous) view: usage

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