UGent Global Namespace

UGent Global Namespace

By implementing the UGent Global Namespace you can address all your shares and network folders via one sole drive mapping, i.e.

 \\files\[log-in name]

The [log-in name] has to be replaced by your own log-in name (username).

When mounting '' does not work, you should mount each of your network shares separately.

After mounting \\\loginnaam you see the Global Namespace Root (G:-drive) from where you will be able to see and use both all your personal files and the files on a shared network location, without any further mapping.

You will only see the directories to which you have access. The root (G:) itself is read-only.

G:\homeThe windows home-drive: personal disk space; only you have access.
G:\personal personal disk space on other systems, meant for interactive use, e.g. genix (this is not the home)
G:\shares(*) Shared disk space (without webspace) accessible to a limited group.
G:\WWWPersonal and shared (*) web space


  • Via Athena the H-drive (home-directory) can be accessed and in time the UGent Global Namespace too.
  • Students who sign on to a DICT workstation will automatically see some drivemappings:
    H: the personal directory on the fileserver for students
    G: the root directory of the global namespace for students