What is the passmark score and how do you use it?

The passmark score makes it possible to objectively compare the performance of processors (and other PC components, eg the graphics card).
The score is the result of a benchmark, a series of calculations that are performed repeatedly. A higher score is better.

How do you use the passmark score?

In the example below you want to choose between two laptops.
Copy the full technical name of the processor (highlighted in yellow below) and google it together with the keyword “passmark".



The first search result will immediately take you to a page where you can find the passmark score (in this case a hefty 7454) and extensive technical information about the processor in question.


The processor of our second choice scores slightly better with a score of 7956. The difference between the two will in practice be rather small, so in this example you can make a choice based on other parts (graphic card, screen size, memory, …).