Open or save e-mail attachments

Many e-mail messages come with an attachment (attachment). These can be all kinds of files.

Attachments to e-mails are very common, but unfortunately not always in order. Many viruses are sent in e-mail attachments. So never open e-mails from senders you don't know, especially if the e-mail insists that you open the attachment. In contrast, e-mails with attachments from people you know usually pose little risk.

You can open attachments directly in your e-mail client OR you can save them in a folder so you can open them later without having to search for the message they were attached to.

In your e-mail client, messages that contain attachments have a paperclip icon.

If opening attachments fails, there may be several causes. Often it is a setting that blocks opening potentially risky files.

If you cannot open the attachment because the product associated with the file format is not installed on your PC, save the attachment (e.g. pdf file), either on your C-drive (local) or on central disk space ("share").