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How can I subscribe to a mailing list?

Via e-mail: by sending an email

Via the website

Confirmation email

The owner has the option to request a confirmation of registration or to save your registration in a waiting list. If the latter is the case, wait until the owner approves your registration.

e.g. registration confirmation, with the list name as sender

Welcome to the list 
The email address you registered with is 
Everything about this list:

e.g. confirmation of application; in this case you must confirm your registration via

from	SYMPA 
date	18 December 2009 15:26
subject	Ghent University Mailing List Server / register for trainees_flhc
You asked to be subscribed to trainees_flhc mailing list.
You need the following password to confirm your registration
       password: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ghent University Mailing List Server:
Help for Sympa:

How can I unsubscribe from a mailing list?

You can unsubscribe from some lists, usually from the lists where you have registered yourself. There are also lists that you cannot unsubscribe from.

By email: by sending an email, from the address with which you subscribed to the list.

Via the website

Confirmation email

e.g. unsubscribe confirmation

date	18 December 2009 16:27
subject	Unsubscribed from trainees_flhc
Your email address ( has been removed from list

How do I send an email to the mailing list?

By e-mail: by sending an email to (replace 'name_of_the_list' with the name of the list).

Depending on how the list was set up, messages are forwarded immediately or after approval by the owners/moderators.