Epurse: top up, check balance and transactions

Epurse: top up, view balance and transactions

Top up and check transactions


Top up your epurse and check your balance and transactions myNetpay.

1. Log in to myNetpay with your UGent account

If you log in for the first time, you will be asked for permission to forward your username to myNetpay. Choose "Yes, continue" and leave "Remember" checked to save the permission.

2. On the myNetpay overview page, you can choose from the following options via the tiles or the menu at the top:

Top up: (bottom tile)

Check your current balance under Profile (or via the left-hand tile)

Refund of your epurse balance

Under Profile you will also find the option to have the balance on your card refunded.

Enter the desired amount and your account number (IBAN). Refunds are processed once a week.

In the Transactionhistory (right-hand tile) you can consult an overview of your recent epurse transactions.