IP registration

IP registration

New IP-registration

The person who performs the IP registration is the contact person for the device.

  1. Fill out: Hostnaam (Host Name)

    • To choose a name at will, unless your (faculty) department has agreed on a naming scheme. Please use consistent naming conventions.
    • Contains at least four and at the most eight characters and begins with a letter of the alphabet. eg. ca60c082
    • The chosen name can not be in use.

  2. Click the radio button next to "Nieuw (New)".

  3. Click "Submit".
    The form expands.
    img alt here If you click on the label next to the field, instructions on how to fill out the field appear on the right hand side of your screen.

  4. Fill out the form. Click "Submit" to register the data.

    When filling out the form the Ethernet address is key.

    • IP registration of a device which can connect both wired and via "wifi" (wireless): fill out both hardware addresses. (Ethernet Address + Wireless Ethernet address (MAC address)).
    • IP registration of a device which can connect via "wifi" (wireless) only (VOID, this registration is no longer required, was formerly required for wireless connection to eduroam (or UGentWPA) for staff): fill out the Wireless Ethernet address (MAC address) Use the manual of your device or search for "MAC address look-up" for your device.

  5. After the IP request form has been processed, the IP report is mailed to the contact person.

  6. Configure your device so that the IP settings (IP address and DNS server address) are assigned automatically. This is usually the case by default. img alt here If not, the configuration should be altered to obtain an IP address automatically.

  7. Please label your computer using its hostname.

Change the IP registration

The person who performs the IP registration change becomes the contact person for the device.


Only for devices in the IIC (only exception), the registration of a device can/has to be done by means of a paper IP request form. pdf icoon
Send the IP request form to netadmin@ugent.be