Additional shared disk space (shares) for UGent staff

Additional shared disk space (shares) for UGent staff

UGent staff can request additional shared network drives:

  • intended for project-related storage of data (e.g. for research purposes)
  • not meant for distributing webpages or public files
  • will be provided in the form of a share (without url)
  • DICT is in charge of the set-up, maintenance and the back-up of the server
  • on the shares "snapshots" of the data are made. Snapshots allow you to retrieve (older versions of) files, without having to contact DICT. To retrieve previous versions you can go back 15 weeks in total, based on
    • 5 weeks of daily snapshots
    • 15 weeks of weekly snaphots
  • employees can request additional shared network drives using the webform.
  • to increase disk quota (the amount of disk space): send an e-mail to

Access to shared network drives ("shares") for employees

When applying for a shared network drive, the applicant has provide a list of users who should have access to the share.
After that, users can be added or removed on demand.

User lists may consist of:

  • a static list of users
  • a dynamic list of users based on an LDAP query
  • an AD user group

Only these users can "mount" the share; only they get to see the share.

Types of shared network drives ("shares")