Access control for secured government applications

There are many applications from the federal and Flemish governments that UGent employees need to use. To gain access to a secure government application, specific access rights (authorisations) must first be granted to individual employees. They can then log in to the secure application with their eID card or with Itsme.

Access controllers

Authorisations are usually granted by the main access manager for UGent. However, it can also be delegated by "local application managers", e.g. for reasons of manageability for some applications with many end users. Local application managers are appointed by the main access manager.

The main access manager together with the local application managers is responsible for the correct set up of the authorisations. Authorisations are granted to individual employees for a limited period of time (in principle no more than three years), with the knowledge of the hierarchy.

It is the responsibility of the employee's line of command to notify the main access manager (or the local application manager) of any relevant changes, for example if an employee changes jobs or if they no longer need previously granted access rights.


Attention: the access (both authentication and authorisation) is completely independent from the UGent account! Consequently, access is not automatically cancelled when a person leaves UGent.

Want to know more?

Both the federal and Flemish government offer many digital applications for citizens and organisations. A well-known example for citizens is MyMinfin, the platform of the FPS Finance where you can manage your personal tax file and use online services such as Tax-on-web.

Extensive information about access management for secured government applications can be found on CSAM and on the government web pages related to the specific secured application itself.

Authentication to the electronic services of the federal and Flemish government is usually done with your eID card, but can also be done with Itsme or with an app on your smartphone. More information on this can be found here.