Forward e-mail as attachment

In some circumstances, it is necessary to forward an e-mail as an attachment.

Why forward e-mail as an attachment?

When you simply forward an e-mail, the message is accepted but the so-called "headers" are not forwarded. Those full headers include sender and routing data that may be important to our system administrators.

By reporting spam and phishing messages, you help adjust the detection system.

Spam and phishing messages should always be forwarded as attachments:

How to forward email as an attachment?

A simple way is to drag and drop the message into attachment:

  • Start your e-mail client.
  • Create a new e-mail message.
  • Leave this e-mail window open and find the received message in question (e.g. a spam message).
  • Do not open that spam message, but drag it onto the attachment icon or into the subject field.
    This will add the message to your e-mail as an attachment.
  • Fill in recipient and subject and send.

Some e-mail applications have the option "Forward as attachment".