Forwarding received e-mail as attachment

Forwarding received e-mail as attachment

Why send the mail as attachment?

In order to know the true origins of an e-mail the full e-mailheader is required. Headers contain tracking information for an individual e-mail, detailing the path a message took as it crossed mail servers. In order to troubleshoot e-mail delivery troubles or to report spam, you need the full headers. That is why you have to forward the received email as an attachment. Thus the necessary info will be included.

Spam and phishing e-mails must be sent as attachment.

How to send e-mail as an attachment?

The easiest method is to drag and drop the e-mail:

This method works with Outlook and other mainstream e-mail clients like Thunderbird.

Other ways to send e-mail as an attachment

Outlook: send as an attachment

Thunderbird: send as an attachment