Phasing out of epurse payment system

Epurse, the system at UGent that allows you to use your student or staff card as an electronic wallet to pay for meals in the student restaurants and prints and copies from the multifunctionals, is used less and less.

It was therefore decided to permanently discontinue epurse at the end of 2024.

Step-by-step phase-out

The phase-out is gradual. Are you no longer using epurse but there is still a balance left on your card? Then apply for a refund via the button below and choose "Refund" under "Profile":


From 1 December 2023, no payments will be accepted with epurse at the GUSB cash desk. Did you use epurse only to pay in GUSB and still have a balance on your card? Apply for the refund from the 1th of December.

From 5 February 2024, no payments will be accepted with epurse in the student restos. Did you use epurse only to pay in the restos and still have money left on your card? Apply for a refund from 5 February 2024.

Over the next year, all current multifunctionals will gradually be replaced by new devices on which you can pay contactless but no longer with epurse. That operation should be completed by the end of August 2024. Do you still have money on your card but can no longer pay with epurse on your device? Then apply for the refund.

You can request the refund of the balance on your epurse until the end of November 2024 at the latest.