Belnet Filesender

Belnet Filesender is a web application that allows large files (up to 5 TB) to be exchanged and shared securely and efficiently. With Filesender, users can exchange files without e-mail restrictions or the need for external cloud storage services.

FileSender is available to staff and students at Belgian research institutions.

More info on Filesender.

For whom?

Staff and students can use Filesender with their UGent account.

How to use

Surf to, click on 'Login' and choose 'Ghent University' from the list of organisations.

After logging in, you can immediately send or upload a file:

  • Choose one or more files (up to 5 TB) to send.
  • Enter the address of one or more recipients.
  • Enter a subject and/or message.
  • Choose an appropriate expiry date.
  • Choose whether and how you want to be kept informed.
  • Accept the terms of use by ticking that option (you are legally liable for sending this content).
  • Click on 'Send'.

As soon as the upload to Filesender is completed, a private link is sent to the recipient, who can then download the file(s).

Depending on the choices made when sending, you will receive notifications when the sent file was downloaded.


You can also use your OneDrive for Business account account to share files.