Telephone sets

Programming shortcut keys

Any key can be used and programmed twice. You can then use them by pressing the key directly (Normal) or by pressing Shift first and then the key (Moved).

The first key cannot be changed and is the Shift key (used to double your keyboard shortcuts).
The second key cannot be changed either and is the UGent emergency number.

To programme a hotkey, proceed as follows:

  1. Press and keep pressing the key you wish to programme until "Program key" appears. Press "OK".
  2. "Normal = Unassigned" will appear, press Ok and change via the arrow keys to "Direct dial" and press "OK".
  3. It now says "Normal = Direct dial".
  4. Down arrow takes you to "Label =...". Here you don't need to adjust anything. You have to write or print the label yourself and it is not available electronically on this device.
  5. Down arrow takes you to "Settings=". You press OK and enter the phone number you want to associate with the hotkey. Note, in case of a mobile phone or other external number, you have to put a 0 in front, so e.g. 00477 ...
  6. After entering the number, press "OK" again.
  7. Down arrow takes you to "Moved = Not assigned". You can simply continue here with the arrow keys, unless you want to use the shortcut double (moved, i.e. after pressing shift).
  8. Now continue with the arrow keys until you see "Save & Close".
  9. Press OK. The hotkey is now usable. You can edit the label (Caption) by editing, printing and cutting out the Word file (See Documents).

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