UGentGuest network

For who?

The UGentGuest-network is wireless internet for visitors who are not affiliated with institutions participating in the Eduroam project and who are also not entitled to a visitor card (and therefore cannot use the wireless Internet Eduroam).

Request access

Members of the UGent staff can, after a one-time approval (for this purpose contact, create guest accounts for guests by using the web application at sleutel-icoon.

A UGentGuest account is only valid for a limited period of time (maximum 14 days). The account can be used immediately or can be requested in advance.

How to connect?

In the list of wireless networks you select UGentGuest. Once you start browsing, you come to the wireless login page, where the obtained guest user name and password must be specified. Only after this authentication you have wireless Internet access.

Please note that data traffic over a guest account will not be encrypted. To protect personal data, you can best use encrypted connections, such as http, imaps, ssh etc. or a VPN connection to your own company or institution.