UGent Congres: manage the registration and payments for your event online

By the end of 2023, we will stop using the MOJO conference registration software. Therefore, we strongly advise against creating any conference pages that do not end before 31/12/2023.
Various options are being considered for conference software with integration to a payment platform. More information will be provided soon.


The MOJO congress registration software allows you to manage online registrations and payments for your event (congress, symposium, conference, etc.).

After providing details about your event, such as name, dates, different registration options, prices, payment methods, confirmation messages and emails to be sent, an online registration form will be created for you. You will also be given access to the client environment of the software. In this environment, after logging in, you can manage and export registrations and payments for your event. If you wish, you can use the counter environment during the event. In this environment, you can easily check participants in and out and create attendance lists.

The creation of an event is done upon request. Please contact in good time for this.

If you do not need online payments, use the Event Manager instead. This tool allows you to create and manage events all by yourself.

For whom?

How to

Manuals for using the "opdrachtgever"-environment and "balie"-environment can be downloaded below (Dutch only). The manual for the "opdrachtgever"-environment also explains how best to test a form before making it public.

Manual balie

Manual opdrachtgevers