Signing of certificates

A certificate signing request must comply with the following conditions.

  1. The service has to comply with the Rules for good use of the network of the Ghent University and of the computers managed by DICT.
  2. The server needs to be inside the UGent domain and registered as such with a fixed IP-address.
  3. The contact person making the apply is the one mentioned on the IP report as the person in charge or contact person for the host.
  4. The person in charge (department head or faculty department chairman) of the machine as mentioned on the IP report gets a copy of the application.
  5. Then, a few conditions concerning the different fields of the Certificate Signing Request (CSR):

    CountryName BE
    StateOrProvinceName O-VL
    LocalityName Gent
    OrganizationName Universiteit Gent
    OrganizationalUnitName the name of the facultu department, department or direction
    CommonName the machine name (in full, e.g.
    EmailAddress only for a mail server the emailadres of the responsible for the service (

In particular:

Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your service. How this has to be done can be found in the documentation of your webserver.

Warning! The minimum required private key length (bits): 2048

There are 2 different types of certificates. Please choose the correct one in your request:

SSL Standard: classic certificate with 1 servername. If you make a request for, you will also receive as second name. Make sure both names are registered.
Multi-Host (SAN) SSL: classic certificate for multiple names, so with extra SANs (Subject Alternative Names) which you can provide.

Requests can be made by e-mail to Netadmin with a short description and the CSR file added as attachment.
Please don't forget to mention which type of certificate you need.