Starter's guide for new staff

Online at the university: starter's guide for new staff

This page offers an overview for new staff. Are you a student? Please read the Starter's guide for students.

UGent account

New staff members receive their account data (username, password and an e-mail address) by mail at their department address.

  • Change the password after the first login.
  • If you have a UGent student account at the time of employment, you maintain this account. The facilities associated with the account are adapted to your new status.
  • Account Management can help you with all account related problems.


A UGent e-mail address has the form [].
UGent has two e-mail environments. Unsure which mail environment to use? Go to and log on. Please read to learn how to configure an e-mail program.

Athena and software

Having an account allows you to use all software offered on Athena. The software you can use is delivered from central servers and is not installed on your device.


Via Apollo the university provides a wide range of administrative applications (payslips, leave, bicycle registration, ...) for staff members.

Helpdesk Apollo (e-HR)
E-mail: - Tel.: (09 264) 9898


UGent uses SAP for its financial operations. You have access to SAP via Athena.

Helpdesk Directie Financiën - Tel.: (09 264) 7920

Online learning environment Minerva

At Ghent University, the official electronic learning environment Minerva is used to provide information and course materials and to optimize communication between staff and students.


If you have an account, you can access the UGentNet and the Belgian research network BELNET.

  • If you wish to connect a new computer, you first have to request an IP-number via In most departments, a responsible is appointed to do this. If this is not the case, you can do the request yourself. More info on
  • In a number of UGent buildings it is possible to connect to UGentNet via "wifi" (wireless).
  • On locations outside of UGent, provided that you have a working internet connection, you can establish a VPN connection to get access to UGentNet.
    The VPN connection is necessary for safety reasons, for example to consult internal information on the helpdesk website and the library website, to mount a network drive, to change passwords, to use Athena, etc.

Central disk space

With your account comes central disk space on which you can save files. By default you get 2 network drives:

  1. personal disk space: your "homedrive", H:-drive or G:\home
  2. personal web space; on a webserver, meant for setting up a site: your W:-drive or G:\WWW

Network drives are backed up daily. Local drives of PCs not.
To use your network drives you have to "mount" them. How you do this is explained on

Personal website

You can set up a personal website: you have personal web space at your disposal and a url of the form []
More info can be found on


You can purchase a computer, a printer or other supplies from suppliers with whom UGent has a skeleton Agreement. For an list consult:


During our Notebookactions you can purchase a fully configured notebook at a very reasonable price. See

PC rooms

In all faculties and on a few central locations PC rooms have been set up. Most can be used for both classical sessions and individual study. More info on
Printing, copying and scanning can be done in PC rooms and libraries.

List of Helpdesks



DICT stands for 'Direction of Information- and Communication Technology'. DICT takes care of the management and practical exploitation of the informatics and telecom at the University.

The aim is clear: to get students and employees of Ghent University to communicate smoothly with one another and the rest of the (academic) world. Furthermore, DICT offers software and IT applications and suitable IT infrastucture (PC's, printers, networks...).



Direction Information- and Communication Technology
Campus Sterre
Krijgslaan 281 - Building S9 - 9000 Gent


Phone: (09 264) 4747
Opening hours

Account Management

Phone: (09 264) 4745

Helpdesk SAP

Financial Department
Phone: (09 264) 7920

Helpdesk Apollo (e-HR)

Phone: (09 264) 9898

If you have a problem with uploading courses or other functionalities in Minerva, please contact the ICTO Helpdesk.

ICT&O Minerva

Phone: (09 264) 8570

Helpdesk UZ

Phone: (09 33) 22001


Your username and password are strictly personal.

  • Change your password immediately after the first login.
  • Do not use any obvious passwords.
  • Outsmart hackers and secure your account by regularly changing your password.

You are responsible for whatever happens to your account. More info can be found in the Rules of good use.

University library

For the following matters, please contact the University Library -

UGent portal site

For the following matters, please consult the UGent portal site (intranet) -