Problems and error messages when using Athena

Problems and error messages when using Athena

  1. Remove Citrix Workspace app and reinstall

    It is not necessary to remove the old version of the Worskpace app before reinstallingen. You can get the latest version from The Workspace app will be updated.

    However, if you encounter problems with the update of the Citrix Workspace app, you can still force the workspace to be installed. Just add the installation switch "/forceinstall" while running the installer from the command line as shown below:

    CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /forceinstall

  2. Error message while opening the Athena webpage

    • If your trying to open the Athena webpage and receive the following message appears:
      The website does not exist or is unreachable. You didn't authenticate to the web security system.

      SolutionYou may have configured a proxy server.
      Disable the proxy and try again.
      In Windows Settings - Network and Internet - Proxy.

    • If your trying to open the Athena webpage and receive the following message appears:
      There is a problem with your session. For Security reasons you must close your browser windows and log on again to continue accessing your resources. To log on again, you must restart your browser.

      SolutionPlease verify the time and date of the computer.

  3. Error messages while logging on to Athena

    When logging on, this error appears:

    • "ERROR: The supplied credentials were invalid. Please try again or contact the DICT Helpdesk."

      Solution - Your password was not entered correctly. Check if your "CAPS-Lock" en "Num-Lock" keys have the correct status. Check the spelling of your password by typing it discretely in a word processor like Wordpad or Notepad. If the problem persists, contact the helpdesk.

      - Your password is not recent enough.
      In case your account dates back from 5 April 2007 or earlier, you need to change your password (only available inside the UGent network). In case you don't remember your username and password you can contact the DICT Helpdesk (tel. 09 264 47 47).

    • "ERROR: The username cannot be blank."

      Your username should not be left blank, please enter it.

    • "ERROR: The Citrix Server reported an unspecified error."

      In this case, close all opened windows of your webbrowser and restart your browser. Try to log in Athena again. If the problem persists, contact the helpdesk.

  4. Error messages when starting an application

    • Athena and the use of multiple monitors:
      Mouse clicks are not recorded, the image flickers and the mouse is not visible or flickers as well.

      SolutionThe text size of all screens must be set to 100%.

      You can adjust this in the following way:

      - Windows 10:

      Go to the Desktop.
      Use the mouse pointer to highlight an empty spot.
      Click the right mouse button.
      Click Display Settings.
      In the window that opens, there is a scroll bar under 'Change the size of text, apps and other items'. Use this slider to adjust the size to 100%.
      Click on Apply.
      You must now log out and log back into Windows. Once you have done that, the new setting will take effect.

      Or, without logging off, go via 'Settings' (Cog) to 'Ease of Access' and move the slider at the top of the letters (up to 125% this works perfectly in Athena on an unrolled Latitude 7490).

      - Windows 8.1 en 10:

      Go to the Desktop (Windows 8.1: click on the Start screen on the Desktop tile).
      Use the mouse pointer to highlight an empty spot.
      Click Personalize.
      In the new window at the bottom left, click Display.
      You will see a window with the font sizes. Adjust this to 100%. To do this, click on the circle for that option.
      Click on Apply.

      Solution Another cause could be that you have plugged in a extra display, after an Athena app was already opened.
      In that case you need to restart the computer, then connect the display and then open an Athena app.

    • Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame server. There is no Citrix MetaFrame server configured on the specified address.
      A firewall blocks the outgoing ...

      SolutionA firewall blocks the outgoing connection from your computer to the Athena servers. Contact your system administrator.
      Connections from the client to our Athena servers on TCP ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) and 1494 (Citrix ICA Protocol) must be allowed. Our servers are all located in subnets 157.193.49 and 157.193.71 (
      Note: To use Athena, no ports need to be opened to the client. Most firewalls therefore do not need to be adjusted. Only firewalls that also block outgoing connections.

    • Your home-drive \\server\username (H:) is not available. Some features will not work...


      SolutionWhen logging in, the H drive on files or shares1 could not be connected.
      You may have just changed your password and not all changes have been made across all systems. Try again in a few minutes. If this does not solve the problem, please contact the helpdesk.

  5. The wrong program opens (eg Acrobat, Word, ..) because the .ica files are not mounted correctly ..

    This is because the .ica files are not correctly linked to the Citrix Connection Manager.

    Solution - Go to Athena and try to open an app.
    - When your browser asks to open or save, choose save.
    - Then go to your Downloads folder.
    - Right click on the .ica file and choose 'Open with' > 'Choose another app'.
    - Check 'Always use this app to open .ica files'.
    - Scroll down and choose 'More apps'.
    - Select 'Citrix Connection Manager' if it appears in the list.
    - If Citrix Connection Manager is not in the list, scroll down and click on 'Find another app on this PC'.
    Now navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\", select wfcrun32.exe or wfcrun32 and click 'Open'.
    If you now restart the browser you should be able to open the programs on Athena.

    If the above method works only once, try the following:

    • First uninstall the Citrix Workspace app via 'Control Panel> Programs and Features'.
    • Then run the 'Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utility'
    • Finally, reinstall the Citrix Workspace app.

  6. The S drive (and W drive) is not visible in the left column of the File Explorer on Athena

    SolutionYou can easily solve this by clicking on "This PC", then you will see on the right the icons of all network connections, and if you click on S: (or W :) that disk will be added on the left.

    If the S: drive does not show immediately on the right side, wait a couple of minutes, then refresh the screen by simultaneously pressing "Ctrl" and R on the keyboard.

  7. Access to local disks

    Access to the local C:\ drive is only possible via \\Client\C$\. You can no longer use "C:\" as a direct reference. For example: \\client\C$\users\name\test.xls will replace C:\users\name\test.xls

    Preferably store your data on central disk space: either on shared disk space (shares) or on your personal home drive (H-disk). This works much faster in combination with Athena than saving to a local disk. In addition, central disk space is backed up by DICT . Even if something goes wrong with your PC, you will not lose any files.

    • The C drive is not available.

      SolutionThis occurs when the java client is used instead of citrix ica client.
      Install the citrix ica client.
      This can also happen when you use Google Chrome. Install and/or use a different browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).

    • When opening an application, eg SPSS, the error message appears "C:\ is not accessible".

      SolutionIn the system bar at the bottom you have to choose the option 'full access' at 'Program neighborhood connection center' in 'File security'.
      If the icon 'Program neighborhood connection center' is not visible, go to I.E. to 'Tools' - 'Internet options' - 'Security' - 'Trusted websites' where you then add to the trusted websites zone.

      By default, the applications on Athena only allow access to the local C drive and not to other local drives (from your PC):

      When starting the applications on Athena, only the C drive is connected.
      To use files from another local disk, you must first copy these files to the C disk.
      Transferring all drives would slow login a lot and could lead to conflicts with network drives.
      In addition, we strongly recommend that important files be placed on network drives .
      It is possible to connect additional network drives in addition to the H-disk when starting the applications on Athena.
      These can be shared folders on the central file servers of DICT or own file servers within the faculty or department.
      More information about adding extra network drives can be found under "Save or open files".

      If you absolutely want access to the other disks of your local PC, there is a workaround solution for that. You can have a subfolder of the C drive point to, for example, the D drive:
      Log in to your PC with an account that has administrator rights.
      Create a new folder under the C drive, eg: C:\Drives\D (this folder must be empty).
      Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management
      Select "Disk Management"
      Right click at the bottom on a particular partition or on the CD-Rom drive, eg. the D drive.
      Choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths" > "Add ..." > Browse ...
      For example, browse to the folder: C:\Drives\D + OK
      In the folder C:\Drives\D you will now see the contents of the D drive and you can access this folder from the applications on Athena.

    • Accessing local disk on linux (Ubuntu Hardy Heron - Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex)

      SolutionOpen the Citrix Client Manager
      /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr &
      Then choose Tools > Settings > Preferences > Drive Mapping
      fill in /home/.... at C:, select enable and the desired permissions

  8. Athena on Linux

    • "Secure connection failed - SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION"

      Solution sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

    • "Dependency is not satisfyable: ia32-libs"

      Solution In Firefox Tools > Add-ons > Plugins > configure "Citrix Receiver for Linux" plugin on "Always Activate".

    • The web client does nothing

      Solution In Firefox Tools > Add-ons > Plugins > configure "Citrix Receiver for Linux" plugin on "Always Activate".

    • I cannot access the local hard disk of my Linux client.

      SolutionStart the ICA-client configuratie-tool:
      In the menu, go to Tools > Settings.
      Select "Drive Mapping" in the drop-down menu.
      Next to the letter C: enter the folder on the local disk that should be mounted as the drive letter C:
      eg: C:/home/username
      Click on the "Enable button" to the right of that and "OK".

    • The Citrix ICA client is installed but applications cannot start on Athena.

      SolutionIf you enter "about: plugins" in the Firefox address bar, you will see if the Citrix ICA client plugin is installed. Click on an application icon in the Athena web page and download the .ica file to the hard disk. You can pass this .ica file as a parameter to the ICA client, eg: /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica launch.ica. The application will start now.
      Something is wrong with the ICA client plugin in Firefox.
      Move following file to another location: /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/
      You do not actually need the ICA client plugin in Firefox.
      Then click again on an application icon in the Athena web page. Firefox will ask what to do with this ica file.
      Specify that Firefox should open this file with /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica.

  9. Print from an application

    • My printer is no longer defined so i cant print anymore from the programs in Athena.

      SolutionYour default printer has probably been changed. To do this, go to start - printers and fax machines - in this list press right on the desired default printer and reset it as default printer - then restart athena.

  10. Cut and paste between applications

    Cutting and pasting between applications running locally (= on your computer) and applications running on Athena (= central servers) is normally not a problem. However, it can fail in exceptional cases. Cut and paste (via menus or key combinations Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) between different servers in the Citrix Connection Center can also sometimes go wrong. For more information read: The Citrix Connection Center

    If cut and paste between applications does not work (properly), it is usually enough to restart your computer.

  11. Wrong keyboard layout for Mac and Linux

    If auto detection does not work, you will have to set the keyboard layout on Mac/Linux yourself.

    Solution Qwerty
    Mac OS X: "KeyboardLayout=US" in config file "/Users/User/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver/Config"
    Linux: "KeyboardLayout=US" in config file ~/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini and /usr/lib/ICAClient/config/wfclient.ini for future users

    Mac OS X: "KeyboardLayout=Belgian Dutch" in config file "/Users/User/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver/Config"

  12. The AltGr key and ctrl-alt key combination do not work

    The alt gr key and ctr-alt-key combination does not work in all applications of the athena.

    SolutionAthena applications may start with the Java Client instead of the Citrix Client. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the Athena frame and then on the "Detect clients" button. Then click on 'already installed'. Then try to open an application again and see if the key combinations are already working.
    If not, repeat this procedure but choose 'download' instead of 'already installed'. Download the Citrix Client, install it and then restart your Browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

  13. The CTRL + SHIFT + arrow left / right key combinations do not work in Microsoft programs.

    The CTRL + SHIFT + arrow left / right key combinations (for example to select a word) do not work in Microsoft programs.

    Additional information

    • This occurs in Outlook, IE11 pages and in File Explorer.
    • The key combinations DO work in, for example, NotePad++, gVim, IrFanView, FireFox.
    • Control + arrow (or for example CONTROL + BACK or SHIFT + arrow) works.

    Solution Reset the Citrix Receiver. Click on "Reset Receiver"
    Citrix Receiver Adv Pref
    At the keyboard settings: select the second option 'No, I will use the keyboard layout provided by the remote server.'
    Citrix Receiver Local Keyb Layout

  14. SPSS output is not shown or black screens as a result

    Use Shift-F2 to rebuild the screen. SPSS appears in a new window. Shift-F2 returns to normal view while preserving your data.