Eduroam is the wireless network within UGent. Other educational and research institutions also use Eduroam. This way, students and staff of all those institutions can use each other's wireless network.

Install Eduroam for UGent staff and students

  1. How do I connect?

    Select the 'eduroam' network and enter your login or email address and your UGent password when asked.
    (Make sure there are no spaces before or after your username).

  2. Certificate message

    The first time you connect, the question whether you trust the certificate that is presented by the network appears. This is a normal security question. The certificate authority (CA) is Sectigo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA and the "radius server" is

    Accept the certificate.

Problems after changing password?

When you change your password, you will then need to delete the Eduroam profile and reconnect.

Technical information

The settings at UGent are the following:

Detailed settings for each type of device and / or operating system.