Mijnapps FAQ

You can easily determine the helpdesk that you need to contact, based on the groups in the SAP MijnApps portal:
(See below for a printscreen of the groups in sapmijnapps portaal.)

E.g. questions about the application Telework Request or Bicycle day register? -> please contact :
Questions about tiles in the  SAP MijnApps Group: Contact helpdesk: Who is this:
Human Resources DPO@ugent.be DPO helpdesk
Finance helpdesk.dfin@ugent.be DFIN helpdesk
Environment, Health and Safety  m-chem@ugent.be Environment, Health and Safety helpdesk
Financial Project Management Focus@ugent.be Focus helpdesk
Research Gismo@UGent.be Gismo Helpdesk
General DICT HelpMe DICT helpdesk
Facilitair beheer DICT HelpMe DICT helpdesk

To find the relevant group of the application: on the SAP MijnApps portal.

Created: 12 January 2022
Last updated: 23 January 2023 10:23:03
Logon to SAP MijnApps :

Go to your me-area and choose “Edit Home page”

scroll to the relevant group e.g. “Human Resources ” and click on : "reset" in the top right corner.

The following information message appears:

Click on "Reset".

The bicycle application re-appears.

Click Close.

For the general user manual of SAP Mijn Apps: 
Mijn Apps General
Created: 12 January 2022
Last updated: 19 April 2023 13:36:53
Go via de UGent preferred browser, this is Google Chrome, to sapmijnapps.ugent.be via the UGent domein (of VPN).

you can still work with other Internet browsers, but the use of the SAP MijnApps functionalities are then not guaranteed.
Try to open the tile with Google Chrome. If this still does not work, then contact DICT helpdesk.

Go to : sapmijnapps.ugent.be

Created: 12 January 2022
Last updated: 2 May 2023 07:23:58
The solution for this message is the same as when tiles do not appear on the SAP MijnApps portal at all : 

Please refer to FAQ : https://otrsdict.ugent.be/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentFAQZoom;ItemID=41


Created: 12 January 2022
Last updated: 23 January 2023 10:40:05
No, SAP no longer provides an app in Apple App store and Google Play store. The former SAP Fiori app is no longer supported, so be sure to remove it as well. There is a tutorial available on how to install a link on your smartphone to easily access SAP MijnApps. Check it out :  here.
Created: 28 April 2023
Last updated: 19 September 2023 10:52:27
Select in the Google Chrome browser the link: sapmijnapps.ugent.be
or  click on the SAP MijnApps logo in Athena.

You can also access SAP MijnApps on your smartphone. Click here for the installation instruction. 

Created: 5 May 2023
Last updated: 5 May 2023 14:42:25