Microsoft Intune

DICT is fully committed to Microsoft Intune to centrally and flexibly manage all professional laptops and desktops. On this page, we collect all information about this service for end users.

What & how

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service for mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Quite a mouthful. Specifically, it means that:

The registration of existing devices in Intune is done by the local system administrators. Initially, this is done when such a device is brought in for repair or upgrade.

Zero-touch delivery

Thanks to Intune, "zero-touch delivery" is now possible when purchasing new devices. Your new laptop is then "UGent-ready" and ready for use upon delivery. Anyone ordering a new laptop or desktop in a standard configuration via the Dell Premier catalogue will therefore automatically receive Windows Autopilot and Windows 10 Pro at no extra cost.

Those not opting for a standard configuration and putting together their own Windows device should select Windows Autopilot and Windows Pro when ordering, so that the device can also be registered in Intune and make use of the additional security offered by Intune.

Under "Windows AutoPilot", choose "AutoPilot" and also enter the UGent "Tenant ID" and "Domain":

Tenant ID:



In terms of the software offered by default on Intune-registered devices, the As Default As Possible (ADAP) principle is followed.

So, no laundry list of modules, plug-ins, backgrounds and fonts are installed. The user does not have to make any (or as few as possible) choices beforehand. For example, the device name is chosen automatically and the language is set to English by default (can be changed afterwards of course).

Software is divided into the following categories:

  • Basic: Windows and standard office software such as browsers, Office 365, Adobe Reader, Cisco VPN client, Citrix Receiver,...
  • Company Portal: collection of all UGent-licensed software and other frequently used packages
  • Free: self-installed applications, licensed by the end user, department or service, or free software

Frequently asked questions