ACL shares

ACL shares

This page is intended for university system administrators.

What is an ACL share?

An ACL share is a shared network drive that allows system administrators to:

How to connect?

On devices added to the UGent Active Directory domain, the ACL shares are automatically available under the drive letter S.:

On devices that are not added to the UGent Active Directory domain, the ACL shares can be mounted by the GNS:

For username you must put "UGent\" in front of your login, so "UGent\<login>".

More info about mounting shares? Read: Connecting to network drives.

Access to the share

Access to the share is limited to either:

System administrators can control who has access to a particular ACL share by adding users to an Active Directory group associated with this ACL share.
The helpdesk will first create the group and link it to the ACL share. You can then add or remove members from the Active Directory group via 'AD Users and Computers' on Athena.
For this you need an AD admin account ('Admin + loginnaam').

AD Groups OU

More information about managing groups in Active Directory can be found at the AD helpdesk pagina.

Customize permissions on folders

System administrators can also adjust permissions on folders in an ACL share.
More information can be found at the following page.