Setting up a personal website

Students and staff can set up a personal website on the web hosting platform

Create a website

In order for web pages to be provided correctly on our platform, there are some conditions regarding naming:

  • File names are case-sensitive.
  • The home page will be named index.html or index.htm (case-sensitive).

Caution: if you give the start page a name other than index.html (or index.htm), then when you surf to the above URL you will see a listing of all files in the folder, which is obviously not the intention.

Copy to web space

You can now transfer the files for your website to the server by copying them to your web space. Copying files from your own computer to a network drive is analogous to copying files between two folders on the same computer.

Test your website

If you have created at least an index.html (or index.htm) file and transferred it to the web server then you can view your website at:

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