Setting up a personal website

Setting up a personal website

Anyone having an account at DICT can set up a personal website. You need to do the following:

1. Create your website files. The start page gets the name index.html (case sensitive).

For the creation of a website several possibilities exist, all well described in several tutorials you can find on the internet. To publish webpages on one of our servers, the following requirements need to be kept in mind:

2. Transferring the files to your web space (your "WWW folder" on the web server)

You can transfer the website you just created to the server, by copying the files to your web space.

To learn how you can connect to ("mount") a network drive, please consult "Mounting network drives". Copying files from your local computer to a network drive is analogous to copying files between two folders on the same computer.

The web space is located on webhost.


The web space is also available via files.

\\files\<login name>\www\users

When mounting the web space, you access the WWW directory.

Please note that if you wish to update your website from home, you need to have access to your web space.
There are 2 ways to do this:

3. Test your website

If you have created an index.html file and transferred it to the web space, then you can have a look at your website. Surf to

4. Useful information