Disabling a Ghent University account

Notification by e-mail

When your statute is expired a transition period of 10 days begins.
Three days after expiration of your statute an e-mail is automatically sent with subject 'Afsluiten UGent account'.
Seven days after the closing mail your account will be terminated.
During the transitional period your mailbox and shares stay accessible.

For 'UZ staff' and 'visitors' with a sloping statute the closing mail is sent immediately after the expiry of the statute.

'UGent staff' whose employment statute expires shall be notified even 1 week beforehand by e-mail with subject Einde tewerkstelling.
A statute of 'voluntary worker' always expire on 1 October.

Setting up a forward for 1 year

If you have set a private e-mail address (in SAP MijnApps > Personal Data for employees, Oasis for students), mails will be forwarded to this address for 1 year.
After that, e-mails will be bounced back to the sender with the notification that the e-mail address is invalid.