Disabling a UGent account

Disabling a UGent account

Notification by e-mail

When your statute is expired a transition period of 10 days begins. Three days after expiration of your statute an e-mail is automatically sent with subject 'Afsluiten UGent account'. Seven days after the closing mail your account will be terminated. During the transitional period your mailbox and shares stay accessible.
For 'UZ staff' and 'visitors' with a sloping statute the closing mail is sent immediately after the expiry of the statute.

'UGent staff' whose employment statute expires shall be notified even 1 week beforehand by e-mail with subject Einde tewerkstelling.
A statute of 'voluntary worker' always expire on 1 October.

Setting a forward for 1 year

E-mail messages that are sent to a disabled account, will be bounced by default. The e-mail will be returned to sender because the e-mail address is invalid.

Students on the Exchange environment in the cloud (Office 365) can before the effective closure of there account via OWA forward there mails to another e-mail address. This setting remain active for 1 year.
img alt here For the moment a self made forward via 'rules' in Exchange is not working anymore after the end of your statute! Send us an e-mail with the forward address and we do this for you.


  • For questions about your statute (e.g. contract changes), please contact the Department of Personnel and Organization (DPO).
  • If your contract is not renewed in due time (or ends), your account will be closed automatically.
  • UGent employees who retire retain a full account for 2 years. After this period, the account can be extended annually. This does not apply for UZ staff.
  • The important data for the University of Ghent on your personal storage space can be moved to a shared storage.


  • For questions about your statute (e.g. not enrolled), please contact the student administration.
  • You keep your account until you leave the Ghent University. When you graduate and/or not re-enroll for the next academic year, the account will be disabled in late October, shortly after the end of the subscription period. However, you retain access to OASIS, making a late enrollment can still be monitored through this system.
  • All alumni of UGent maintain the possibility to forward e-mail for maximum 1 year after completing their studies.
  • At the beginning of the academic year, there is a limited transition period to take care of your re-enrolment.