Shared mailbox

A shared mailbox is an extra mailbox used by several employees together. Such a shared mailbox is primarily intended for the secretariat of a department, lab or research group.

When organising a conference or for temporary projects, requesting a distribution list is recommended.

Requesting a shared mailbox

  • Employees can request a shared mailbox via DICT Selfservice.
  • Enter the preferred e-mail address, keeping in mind the following conditions and restrictions:
    • The address contains at most 1 dot and otherwise only letters and numbers, with a maximum of 16 characters.
    • The address always starts with a letter and is not case-sensitive.
    • The desired address must not yet exist.
    • The desired address must be clear and cover the content.
  • Briefly describe what the shared mailbox will be used for.
  • Specify who is to have access to the shared mailbox. Only staff members and 3rd cycle students are eligible.

Using the shared mailbox

  • As soon as the new shared mailbox is available, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.
  • Make proper arrangements among yourselves about the use of the mailbox. Bear in mind that if you delete or move an e-mail, this will obviously be the case for all users of the shared mailbox.
  • You can add extra users to the shared mailbox via DICT self-service.
  • No 'forward' may be set on a shared mailbox.
  • Add the shared mailbox.
  • Delete the shared mailbox.