Network drives via Athena

Network drives via Athena

When you click "File Explorer" in the "Office" folder, you see a list of available drives

Mounted automatically

A number of network drives are mounted automatically:


your homedrive
For each application that you start via Athena your homedrive or H:-drive is available automatically.
When you open or save a file in any application the H:-drive is the default location.


for staff only: all your shares; if the S:-drive is not visible, press F5.

In the "Office" folder, you find 'File Explorer', a file manager which allows you to manage these files and e.g. copy them to or from your Computer - Local Disk ('C$ on Client ').

Additional network shares can be added to the list (for staff only). Please contact the helpdesk with the following information:

  • location of the share, for example: \\\share
  • drive letter that you wish to assign to the network drive, for example, "I:".

Following letters are not allowed: A, B, C, H, S, W, X, Y, and Z.

For more info on the use of network drives, please read : Save or open files on the page How to use Athena?